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HR Advice

HR Advice

Want to find out how
to improve your business’
efficiency and productivity 
through your people?  

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HR Frameworks

HR Frameworks

From key policies and procedures, to templates, our frameworks give you the fundamental structure for effective HR.

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HR Education

HR Education

Our HR workshops and coaching services provide tailored professional development for businesses and executive leaders.

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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Our HR consultancy services gives you peace of mind that your HR is covered from every angle with the experts at Azure HR.

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At Azure HR we have extensive experience in all aspects of the human resources world and people management. Outsourcing HR means your business has access to our entire team of extensively trained and experienced HR professionals at a fraction of the cost of employing one comparable HR trained staff member.

Getting your HR strategy and management right is critical to your bottom line.  Outsourcing is a proven successful strategy to maximise effectiveness. It can improve both the quality and cost of the HR function in your business.

Azure HR gives you the tools you need to ensure your business can succeed through its people.


Get the tools you need to ensure your business can succeed through its people. Choose from any of our specialist HR packages:


Help Kit

This kit equips you with the essential tools you need for establishing solid HR foundations within your business. From key policies and procedures to checklists and templates, our Help Kit gives you the fundamental structure you need for effective HR management.


Health Check

Are you on track with your HR systems? Want to improve productivity?

This package provides you with a comprehensive assessment of your current HR systems and practices, articulating any recommendations for improvements and ensuring legislative compliance.


Partner Program

Azure HR provides ongoing support through our innovative Partner Program which delivers the ultimate outsourced HR solution. For many businesses, the functions performed by the HR department are too comprehensive and too complex to maintain in-house.

Our Partner Program offers you practical “hands on” strategies as an outsourced HR solution, rather than being just an advisory service that gives advice and the why’s but not the practical “hands on” know-how, which is the all-too-common alternative.

This comprehensive service offering provides you with solutions to complex and time consuming people-related issues, giving you security in the knowledge that your HR is covered from every angle, on an ongoing basis and that your business is placed in a good defensible position, allowing you to out-perform your competition.


Workshops & Coaching

Designed to provide targeted and customised programs for those employees wishing to move from technical to managerial positions, our workshops and coaching programs ensure smooth transitions between roles.
These highly valued packages cover:

  • Leadership and Executive coaching
  • Manager, Team Leader and Supervisor workshops
  • Legislative compliance coaching


Do you...
want to know how to maximise your human resources? . need to reduce costs?
go home each day feeling like you'll never catch up? . want to concentrate more on your core business?
find out how we can help you and your business today.
Azure HR - 4P's of Human Resources

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